Coping with Christmas: Writing can help

Coping with Christmas - Bourn Hall 8Writing can provide a wonderful space in which to express your feelings.

The first step is to find a notebook in which you feel you would enjoy writing. It may be important for you to make a ritual of buying a notebook you like or perhaps individual sheets of paper – even sticky notes could provide the most inspiring space for you. You may want to find a small notebook you can carry around with you.

There are many types of writing which may help to channel anxiety or stress. Here are just a few suggestions:

Free Writing

Free writing can take away the fear of the blank page and of knowing what to write. Start with a thought or a word and write anything that comes into your head for the next five minutes. The aim is to try not to stop writing for five minutes, even if you have to write ‘I don’t know what to write’ until something new comes into your mind.

Journal Writing

Writing a journal can be done at any time of day. Sometimes the most productive time can be just after you wake up. Write down your waking thoughts, your dreams, hopes for the day or week ahead, your fears and stresses, how you are feeling at that moment both physically and emotionally. Notice bodily sensations, what you can hear, touch or taste and write these down too. The journal page gives you a space just to be with your thoughts and might help you to explore connections between your thoughts and anxieties and your physical responses.

Writing to cope with anxiety

If you find yourself feeling the symptoms of not being able to cope, take a moment to stop, find your notebook and write down the following:

  • The situation you are in
  • Sensations you are feeling in your body
  • Thoughts you are thinking now
  • Thoughts you were thinking before experiencing the first symptoms
  • Present feelings and what you were feeling before the symptoms began.

As you do this, remind yourself that what you are experiencing does not define you – it is simply something that is happening. You are not the symptom.

With acknowledgement and thanks to Fertility Network.

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