Coping with infertility – Vicki Hibbert’s story

Coping with infertility - Vicki Hibbert’s story“There’s only one thing more painful than having a baby…..and that’s not being able to have a baby,” says Vicki Hibbert

Vicki struggled coping with infertility when she turned 30 and realised becoming a parent was the most important thing in the world to her.

It is National Infertility Awareness Week this week which aims to end the isolation and secrecy of infertility, and reassure people there is hope for those struggling to conceive.

Vicki Hibbert had been adamant her entire life she didn’t want children, until she turned 30 and “suddenly having a baby became the most urgent thing.

“I genuinely hadn’t expected that feeling to ever happen to me but it is absolutely true what they say – when you hit your thirties – you really start to hear that clock ticking. And it was really loud.

“Convincing my other half however took another extremely frustrating year; we had never really spoken about having children because I had been so adamant throughout most of our relationship that I wasn’t interested. It took some time to convince him that it wasn’t just because our friends were having babies.

“Naively I thought that I would get pregnant straight away… but that was not the case…”

You can read the whole of Vicki’s story in this downloadable pdf.

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Bourn Hall provides counselling to all of our patients, and we have a fertility support group to help you with your journey – find out more here.

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