Heartbreak of unexplained infertility

The-Pain-of-Unexplained-InfertilityUnexplained infertility can be hard to deal with. Sharon, whose partner already had a child from a previous relationship, describes how she felt guilty.

Sharon and her husband Garreth Dorree met at work and within 11 months were married and thinking of starting a family.

Sharon explains: “We initially thought that we’d easily have a child together but time passed by and I still hadn’t fallen pregnant. It was then that we decided to go for tests.”

She continues: “It was a strange time, you worry that something is seriously wrong with one of you and there is a heightened awareness of everyone else around being pregnant. We tried not to dwell on it but you do worry.

“The fertility tests came back saying nothing was wrong and as we weren’t eligible for NHS funding, as Garreth has a child from a previous relationship, so we began investigating fertility clinics.

“Having found out about Bourn Hall through internet research Garreth and I arranged to visit the Cambridge Clinic.

“The build up to our initial appointment was a whirlwind of emotions: terrifying as we still didn’t know what was wrong with our fertility and concerned if Bourn Hall’s staff could help us and also excited as this visit offered us hope.

“Our consultant was easy to talk to and listened. He explained our options and the process of treatment and how as we were self-funded we could start our treatment immediately.”

Mid-August that year Sharon started her course of fertility drugs and treatment process, including checks and scans, in preparation of IVF.

Sharon watched the embryo transfer on a little screen: “Knowing this might soon be our baby was an amazing feeling.”

However on the morning of Sharon’s seven week scan she started bleeding.

“I was devastated as I thought I’d started my period or miscarried. Nevertheless the nurse encouraged me to still have the blood test and I’m so glad as it turned out I was still pregnant, and I had a scan a few days later to confirm.

“I felt sick with excitement, realising that for many it doesn’t work, especially first time, and when having to pay for the process it does add an extra pressure. It would have been heart breaking if it had been another negative pregnancy result but thankfully it wasn’t.”

If you have difficulty playing the video above you can view it on YouTube here.

Sharon Dorree“Instantly on arriving we knew that Bourn Hall was special. The atmosphere was relaxed and comfortable, not like a hospital environment, and we were more than simply a number.

The treatment was successful and baby Willow was born weighing 8.8lb.

“It was an amazing moment, especially after such a long-time and an emotional whirlwind to become the family we always dreamed of, so much that Garreth started crying with joy.”

“For anyone who is given an unexplained answer for their fertility problems I’d tell them not to take it to heart. It may be uncertain as to why it hasn’t happened yet but it doesn’t mean that it can’t.

“You’ve got to stay strong and talk to each other as it is a daunting process but the outcome can be amazing.

“Willow is our special baby and the best decision we ever made.”

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Bourn Hall has a Fertility Convention on 2nd Feb 2019 to discuss unexplained infertility and offer free fertility consultations

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