45 years of IVF bringing ‘Joy’ to people around the world

Louise Joy Brown was born on the 25th July 1978 after her mother Lesley Brown participated in a trial of a groundbreaking new fertility technique.

Since her birth millions of IVF babies, like Harlan, have now been born worldwide, bringing, as Lesley predicted, Joy to the lives of so many people.

Kelly was just 22 when she was told she had a low chance of having a baby after a series of ectopic pregnancies.

Baby Harlan was born following a single cycle of NHS-IVF treatment at Bourn Hall. Kelly and her husband Dan were successful first time and hope to try for another baby using an embryo frozen during their first cycle.

Dr Thanos Papathanasiou, CEO and Medical Director of Bourn Hall, comments: “The passion that drove IVF pioneers Steptoe, Edwards and Purdy was the desire to enable a couple to have their own child. This is a passion that motivates us today and it is an honour to continue their work.”

Louse Brown with Kelly and Harlan
Louse Brown with Kelly and Harlan

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