Webinar: PCOS and Fertility

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To help improve your chances of conceiving, practical advice about PCOS and fertility was given in this free webinar on 15 September 2020 during PCOS Awareness Month.

Double celebration for man who thought he would never be a dad

Home > Your stories       Posted - June 18, 2019

“When I was first told in my twenties that I had male infertility I went in to a depressive state for a while,” admits Steven , aged 32. “I didn’t want anyone knowing. I thought ‘why am I even here if I can’t have a family?’”

NHS funding gave Kelly and Andy a baby miracle

Home > Your stories       Posted - March 8, 2017

Fertility issues were not going to stop Kelly and Andy from having a family. Lucky to access further NHS funding, the couple welcomed baby Grace in 2011.

Baby joy after years of uncertainty

Home > Your stories       Posted - March 8, 2017

Karen was diagnosed with PCOS and endometriosis. She never thought she would be a mum, but is now thanks to IVF treatment

Pregnant at 40 after repeated loss

Home > Your stories       Posted - February 21, 2016

Elsa became pregnant at 40, twenty years after she lost her first baby. After recurrent miscarriage it was her last attempt at IVF that resulted in baby Howie.