New Bourn Hall Wickford fertility clinic opens its doors

Wickford is home to one of the UK’s most advanced patient-centred fertility clinics

Bourn Hall Wickford is now open for appointments with self-funded and NHS patients. This achievement was celebrated with an event to show health professionals behind the scenes.

“It is so exciting to be part of something totally new,” says Grace Phiri, Fertility Nurse Specialist. “To work with such a committed team and to be involved with the clinic from scratch has been such a fantastic experience and it has been amazing seeing the first patients coming in through the door.”

The hi-tech clinic took just over a year to construct and is designed with the benefit of over 40 years of expertise in fertility care. Bourn Hall Cambridge was the world’s first ever IVF clinic, established by the pioneers Steptoe and Edwards after their success with the first ‘test-tube’ baby Louise Brown. The new clinic offers a new approach and brings together fertility specialists, counsellors and complementary therapists all under one roof with the aim of helping ‘the whole person’ at every stage of their fertility journey.

The emphasis on fertility health and wellbeing is at the heart of the patient experience at the new clinic, which, combined with personalised fertility treatments, aims to maximise success rates for patients.

Last week local health practitioners interested in finding out more about the work of a fertility clinic were invited in for a celebratory evening reception and guided tours – and the feedback was extremely positive.

“One in six couples struggle with infertility,” explains Sarah Pallett, Bourn Hall’s Business Development Director, “and often the first person they discuss their issues with is their local GP or practice nurse. We are keen to encourage a deeper understanding amongst local health practitioners of the main causes of infertility and what options are open to people who are worried they have a fertility issue.

“Only a small number of people actually need IVF and there are many practical steps which people can take to boost their natural fertility. We hope to raise awareness so that there is a more joined-up approach to the advice which people receive to ensure they have all the information they need to take steps to improve their chances of having a family. The health practitioners who came along to our open evening found it really enlightening.

“We are also really excited to have a number of complementary therapists working alongside our clinicians. This holistic approach ensures that both the emotional and physical needs of the patient are at the core of everything and we are confident it will enhance even further the experience our patients have with us. We are pioneering this at the Bourn Hall Wickford clinic and aim to roll it out to our other clinics in due course.”

We have included some photos from the health professionals event on our Fertility Blog here.

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