Meet our new Wickford family

It has been more than nine months in conception and now our new fertility clinic in Wickford, the latest addition to the Bourn Hall family, has opened its doors to patients.

The design has been inspired from nearly 40 years of experience in delivering high quality fertility care, and we were delighted to welcome the construction team, health professionals, fertility specialists, counsellors and complementary therapists to an event to celebrate opening the new clinic. Take a look below at some photos and comments from the event.

Wickford Fertility Nurses
The Wickford Fertility Nurses (L-R): Grace Phiri, Lianne Kidger, Angela Leach, Aysher Grayer

Grace Phiri, Fertility Nurse Specialist, was part of the team that set up the original satellite clinic at Wickford. It was so successful that the decision was made to offer a full-service clinic at Wickford that would provide a fertility health and wellbeing service as well as a full range of fertility and IVF treatments, including egg collections and embryo transfers, all under one roof. She says:

“To be involved with setting up the clinic from scratch has been such a fantastic experience and it is so exciting to see it ready for patients.”

Aysha Grayer, Fertility Nurse at Wickford, gave health professionals a tour behind the scenes of the clinic and she explained how although egg collection and embryo transfer are not lengthy procedures, patients were encouraged to rest for as long as they wanted before venturing out. She says: “Every woman is different but many like to rest and take a moment after the procedure.

“The recovery area has been designed as a reassuring, calm space for them to take their time.”

Hara and Anne, Bourn Hall Wickford 2

Charikleia Papanikou (Hara) (far left) is looking forward to being the senior embryologist at Wickford and will be joined by two other full time embryologists – Rebecca Oakley and Fiona Brook.  Anne O’Leary (left) heads up embryology for the Essex region and the whole team are excited about the facilities in the new laboratory. Anne says: “The video time-lapse photography is an exciting development and is particularly helpful when there are only a few embryos as it gives a good indication of success at just three days.

“We love meeting the patients and talking to them, which is a rewarding part of the job.”

CEO Dr Mike Macnamee worked with both Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards, the IVF pioneers who established Bourn Hall as the world’s first IVF clinic. He thanked the team for all their dedication and hard work in bringing this, one of the UK’s only purpose built fertility clinics, to fruition. “Success rates in those early days were only 8% and now we are seeing rates closer to 50%; all the learning of those years has gone into the design of this clinic and I am delighted we can now offer patients in this area the best fertility outcomes and experience with the Bourn Hall family.

“We are offering a more holistic and individualised approach to fertility and look forward to the future.”

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Mike Macnamee, Bourn Hall CEO

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