Bourn Hall supports Fertility Awareness Week 2018 with two Fertility Fayres

Many people are surprised when they don’t get pregnant immediately they start trying for a baby but others may already have concerns they might have problems conceiving.

Fertility Awareness Week 2018 is an opportunity for people at every stage of their journey to parenthood to get the advice they need.

Informal environment

Laura Carter-Penman is the Regional Lead Nurse at Bourn Hall, she says people can feel awkward about asking advice but often feel more at ease in the informal environment of a fayre.

“The idea is that we will have a number of stalls from different organisations offering fertility wellbeing services such as nutritional supplements, reflexology and acupuncture and also have our own fertility specialists available.

“This means people can interact as much or as little as they want and get the information that is right for them all under one roof.”

At a recent Bourn Hall Fertility Support Group meeting all the participants said they had tried complementary therapies either before or during IVF treatment to help them to cope with stress.

This has prompted Bourn Hall to forge closer links with therapists that have been well reviewed by their patients.

Support for the journey

Bourn Hall’s new Wickford Clinic has been designed as a ‘fertility centre’ with several consulting rooms used by visiting complementary therapists to meet this growing demand.

Laura continues: “There are many causes for infertility and in some cases natural fertility can be restored through lifestyle changes such as changes to diet and weight loss. Although it is not thought that stress alone causes infertility, there is significant evidence that struggling with infertility impacts your mental health and relationships. Many of our patients report that yoga and relaxation techniques are useful for helping them to cope with stress.”

Events in Fertility Awareness Week 2018

It is entirely free of charge to attend the fertility fayres and you do not need to register – just turn up on the day to whichever clinic/date is most convenient for you.

There will also be representatives of our fertility support group and information on alternative ways of funding any treatment you might need.  Our egg donation experts will also be on hand to discuss donor treatments or how you can access free IVF treatment through our egg sharing programme.

Special offer

Bourn Hall is also offering attendees half price Fertility Health +Wellbeing checks – these include a suite of tests and a consultation with a fertility specialist doctor that can provide information about reasons for infertility within a few weeks. More information about this special offer can be found on our blog.


For more information visit the events pages of our website.

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