Tom and Jasmine qualify as Mental Health First Aiders

Fertility treatment creates a rollercoaster of emotions for staff as well as patients. To support their colleagues during difficult times, Tom Horton and Jasmine Aldridge have trained as Mental Health First Aiders. The new roles are part of an ongoing commitment by Bourn Hall to promote a culture of mental wellbeing.

Both Tom, who is an Operating Department Practitioner, and Jasmine, a Fertility Midwife, have previous experience in mental health and were keen to take on the role. They completed the training with St John Ambulance and have been awarded the FutureQuals Level 3 Award in Mental Health: Workplace First Aider qualification.

Personal development in mental health

Tom joined Bourn Hall at the height of the pandemic after having been furloughed from his previous job, and was impressed by the level of developmental support he was offered. He jumped at the chance to take the mental health training.

“The level of training I have received at Bourn Hall has been fantastic; my personal development folder is fuller than it has ever been and that is awesome.”

Tom then nominated Jasmine, who joined Bourn Hall in January of this year, to join him after they got chatting about her previous experience in mental health services.

Tom Horton, Operating Department Practitioner
Tom Horton, Operating Department Practitioner at Bourn Hall
Jasmine, Fertility Midwife
Jasmine Aldridge, Fertility Midwife

First responders

The two-day training course aims to promote positive wellbeing in the workplace by improving understanding and knowledge of mental health and creating an opportunity to gain new skills in active listening. The role within Bourn Hall will be to act as ‘first responder’ listeners.

Tom and Jasmine are taking on their new roles in time for Mental Health Awareness Week, which will also see Bourn Hall staff members given herb seeds and a plant pot as small gifts of appreciation.

“The gifts are part of our initiative to raise awareness of Mental Health Awareness Week,” says Dawn Course, Business Services Director at Bourn Hall.

“We want staff to know it is okay to say when you are not okay and there are mechanisms in place for support if they need them.”

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