IVF in Peterborough: New clinic is Bourn Hall’s little Prince!

“Having a dedicated Bourn Hall fertility clinic to provide IVF in Peterborough is a great thing for the city.  Anything that can be done to make life easier for couples’ going through the treatment has to be a good thing,” says Hannah Breeson from Peterborough.

The 36-year old gave birth to son Jack following IVF treatment at Bourn Hall and is delighted to support the opening of our new clinic in Princes Street.

Hannah continues: “I had access to a car and an understanding employer so talking time off to attend appointments in Cambridge wasn’t an issue but not everyone is as lucky as me.  Having a Bourn Hall fertility centre closer to home will make the whole process even easier for people going through the treatment now.”

Bourn Hall’s newest arrival – the Peterborough fertility centre – is opening on Friday 9th May and will provide high-quality and convenient IVF treatment to both NHS-funded and private patients living in the city and its surrounds.

The satellite clinic is located in the city centre on a mini-medical campus, which already comprises a dentist, doctor’s surgery and pharmacy and is easily accessible on foot, by car and bus. It is not far from the mainline train station either.

IVF in Peterborough

Bourn Hall Clinic provides IVF in PeterboroughDr Thomas Mathews, UK medical director at Bourn Hall, will lead the Peterborough medical team and says the new clinic will be handy for people living or working in the city.

“IVF treatment involves a number of short, routine appointments for scans and tests with a fertility specialist.  Currently, patients having NHS funded IVF in Peterborough have to travel to Cambridge, London, Leicester or further afield.  Having this centre means less time and money spent travelling and less stress as well.

“The clinic is bright, comfortable and welcoming and we hope patients will immediately feel at ease here.  We look forward to helping more people in the city achieve their baby dreams.”

Most appointments will take place in Peterborough, with egg collection and embryo transfer (just two visits) performed at Bourn Hall’s Cambridge clinic, which is about 45 minutes drive from central Peterborough.

Jack was born following IVF treatment at Bourn HallHannah was referred by her doctor for IVF treatment because she suffers from a condition called endometriosis.  Cells that normally form the womb lining were growing outside of her womb, and she required two operations to remove the unwanted tissue before the IVF treatment could start.

She explains: “My husband Steve and I tried not to get our hopes up too much after our IVF treatment. We had always been quite sure we wanted children and had always tried to remain positive but knew that IVF doesn’t work for everyone.”

It was only after her second pregnancy test showed a positive result that Hannah really celebrated: “I was walking around holding my stomach thinking ‘there is a little person in there!’”

Jack was born on Valentine’s Day 2012 and Hannah says being a mum is “the best job in the world” adding: “Now Jack’s here, every day is like a birthday. I do get very tired, particularly as I’m back working full-time, but Jack is an absolute delight and makes it all worthwhile.”

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