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Feelings of guilt and isolation are very common for people struggling with infertility and this can make it difficult for them to seek the advice they need. The Royal Norfolk Show might not be an obvious place to talk about something so private, but Bourn Hall is attending for the second year running on 26-27 June (Stand 88 Avenue 4) after finding last year that the relaxed atmosphere helped people to chat to staff.

Improving chance of natural pregnancy

Fertility nurse specialist Laura Carter-Penman says that many people only need some lifestyle advice and medication to help them conceive naturally.

“We can help about 30 per cent of the people we see following a GP referral to become pregnant with good advice at an early stage and minimal interventions,” she says.

“To get pregnant you need to be having regular periods, as this is sign that you are releasing eggs, or ovulating. Becoming a healthy weight and a course of medication to stimulate egg production can often be enough.”

Royal Norfolk Show 2019

Many people wait too long to seek advice, particularly if they are embarrassed.

Guilt is a common emotion for those with secondary infertility – people who have a child already and struggle to get pregnant again. Laura says that testing can help people take back a bit of control. “Secondary infertility is surprisingly common. Having some tests done can be really helpful in identifying the barriers to conception and get some advice on next steps,” she says.

NHS fertility investigation 

Bourn Hall provides fertility investigation, diagnosis and treatment in Norfolk for both NHS and self-funded patients. Although NHS fertility testing is available for those who have been trying for two years to conceive, some people prefer not to have a GP referral or may have already have a reason to believe they might have low fertility, such as a vasectomy reversal or sporting accident, and early knowledge is beneficial for their family planning.

Great strides have been made in overcoming even the most complex of fertility issues and Bourn Hall has helped many men with poor sperm motility and low or zero sperm counts have their own biological child.

Visitors to the Royal Norfolk Show on 26-27 June will be able to chat to Bourn Hall’s friendly patient services team as well as book a half price Fertility Health and Wellbeing Check and a free consultation with a fertility nurse at Bourn Hall’s clinic in Norwich.

Two fertility testing packages 

Bourn Hall offers two Fertility Health and Wellbeing packages which give people the opportunity to visit the clinic, speak with a fertility specialist and have a number of diagnostic tests to try and identify why they are struggling to conceive:

Mini check – this includes semen analysis, blood tests for ovarian reserve (egg store), a scan and private consultation. The half price offer means a couple can have these assessments and advice for £200 and this can all be done within one menstrual cycle.

Comprehensive check – this check includes further screening tests in addition to the above, a tubal patency assessment and a more in-depth consultation. It can be completed within about six weeks. The half price offer means a full fertility check for a couple costs £400.

This year, Bourn Hall is running a Royal Norfolk Show ‘Special Offer’ of half-price 3D, 4D and reassurance baby scans. You don’t have to be a patient to have a scan and this can provide additional reassurance, especially for women who have experienced recurrent miscarriage.

Royal Norfolk Show Visitors will be able to find Bourn Hall at Stand 88 in Avenue 4 – the nearest entry point is Dereham Gate.

More information

Book your half price Fertility Health and Wellbeing Check here.

Book tickets for the Royal Norfolk Show at

If you are unable to come to the Royal Norfolk Show we hold events throughout the year across the East of England for you to talk to our fertility experts – see more on the events page here.

You can also get in touch with us if you have any questions or to book a consultation.

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