Do you think PCOS is a confusing name?

The patient charity Verity is asking if PCOS should be called something different as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is misleading and a bit scary.

PCOS is so called because if you scan the ovaries they have characteristic bumps where the follicles have not released their eggs. It is a metabolic and reproductive condition.

However, the name also inaccurately suggests that it is a disease of the ovaries, with abnormal cysts that might grow or burst – none of which is true.

The patient charity Verity has consulted worldwide with 5,000 people with the condition and health professionals. It is thought that a name change may improve understanding of the condition, leading to faster diagnosis and better treatment.

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PCOS is a very common and complex hormonal condition that is caused by genetic factors. It has many distressing symptoms that can affect the quality of life such as excess hair, weight management issues, acne, hair loss, depression and anxiety, and difficulty conceiving.

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