High-tech 4D pregnancy scans give parents reassurance

3D and 4D pregnancy scans are a service offered by Bourn Hall Clinic to provide extra care during pregnancy. You don’t have to be a patient, they are available to anyone who is pregnant and is concerned or wants additional reassurance,

“It was amazing seeing my baby before he was born!” explains Lucy, as she speaks about her experience of 4D pregnancy scans.

“It was incredible that the photos taken in the 27th week of my pregnancy look exactly like Ryley on the day he was born!”

4D pregnancy scans

3D and 4D high-tech scanning is a service offered by Bourn Hall Clinic to provide extra care during pregnancy. For any expecting couples that are concerned or want additional reassurance, the team at Bourn Hall are there to help and provide their expertise.

Lucy, 32 and her husband Simon, 34, decided to have an additional ultrasound scan in December 2011 as they wanted reassurance their baby was developing as it should, after four years of trying for a baby.

Lucy says “Simon wanted to find out the sex of the baby – I didn’t! Luckily Ryley was positioned in such a way they couldn’t tell, so I got my way!”

The road to pregnancy, particularly when going through IVF, can be a difficult one.

“I came off the pill in 2007. We tried for over a year but nothing happened. I went to my doctor and we were referred to Colchester General Hospital. We visited the hospital several times over a year and a half but they couldn’t find any reason why we were unable to conceive.”

This is not uncommon, and in general a third of fertility problems are because of male infertility, another third are because of female infertility and the remaining third are unexplained problems, like Lucy and Simon’s case.

“At Bourn Hall Clinic in Colchester the egg collection and fertilisation process produced eight fertilised eggs. They returned one embryo but unfortunately it wasn’t successful. I was okay about it; I wasn’t expecting it to work the first time and I knew we had five of the original eight embryos frozen, so I was optimistic about future cycles.

“I had two of the frozen embryos transferred and then we had the nervous two-week wait. I lasted 11 days and that night I couldn’t wait any longer! I had a voice recorder set up to record my sleep talking, so when I found out I was pregnant I ran back into the room, told Simon I was pregnant and now we have the whole thing on tape!”

Lucy and Simon are now the proud parents of baby Ryley who arrived on the 21st of February 2011.

Looking back on her experience, Lucy says: “Everyone at Bourn Hall was really nice and friendly. They were always willing to explain anything we asked and comfort us if we had any concerns. When Ryley was old enough we took him back to the clinic to show everyone and it was lovely to see everyone share our happiness and joy.”