Time to put away those ‘pregnancy goggles’

Home > Your stories       Posted - October 25, 2017

Anna recalls the overwhelming relief she felt: “When we began our journey with Bourn Hall I was at my most broken and felt that my body had failed me, but staff made us feel so welcome and at ease right from the start.”

High-tech 4D pregnancy scans give parents reassurance

Home > Your stories       Posted - March 22, 2017

3D and 4D pregnancy scans are a service offered by Bourn Hall Clinic to provide extra care during pregnancy. You don’t have to be a patient, they are available to anyone who is pregnant and is concerned or wants additional reassurance,

Waiting for a heartbeat to know the long wait was over

Home > Your stories       Posted - March 8, 2017

Experiencing unexplained infertility, Andrew and Lucy headed to Bourn Hall Clinic for IVF treatment. They were apprehensive at first, but it was all worth it – they now have baby Zachary.