Little frosty is a wish come true

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Last Christmas, a few days after her first round of IVF at Bourn Hall, Kirsty from Norfolk put a wish on a Christmas tree that they would have a ‘miracle baby’ – and this year it has come true. Her little frosty was born in August.

I found myself single, in my thirties – and my eggs were running out

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After her marriage broke down and discovering she had a low ovarian reserve , Claire was considering solo IVF with donor sperm – but then she met and fell in love with James and they agreed they would like to have a baby together. The only problem was that James had already undergone a vasectomy…  

Celebrations as 1000 babies are ‘Bourn’ in Norfolk

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One thousand  babies have been born following IVF treatment at the Bourn Hall Norwich Clinic – eight years after it opened its doors. Some of the most recent parents shared their stories to encourage others to seek support.