Baby joy after struggle with severe endometriosis symptoms

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Natalie’s stomach used to bloat so badly on some days that she looked six months pregnant – which was cruelly ironic as she and her husband Alex had been unable to conceive.

IVF baby joy after endometriosis ‘agony’

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Coming off the pill and trying for a baby had involved years of coping with the previously hidden symptoms of endometriosis – including ‘agonisingly’ painful periods. When surgery further diminished Carlene’s fertility, IVF provided the light at the end of the tunnel.

Endometriosis and fertility

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Up to half of women with endometriosis – where tissue can grow over the ovaries and fallopian tubes – are affected by fertility issues. Worryingly, few women know that surgery to alleviate the symptoms may also cause damage to their reproductive organs.

IVF baby starts school and makes Mother’s Day

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This year four-year-old Alex will be able to write his first Mother’s Day card, making it extra special for his mum Victoria, who struggled to conceive due to endometriosis