First Father’s Day for Richard after fertility struggle

Home > Your stories       Posted - June 14, 2021

Richard used to dread the well-intentioned questioning and comments he and his wife Sarah would sometimes get around starting a family. “I used to try and brush any questions off as quickly as possible,” he says.

I stopped going to baby showers as I struggled to hold it together

Home > Your stories       Posted - November 17, 2020

“Trying to get pregnant when everyone around you seems to find it easy is heartbreaking,” says Charlotte from Bedford.  “It got to the point for me that I stopped going to christenings because I knew that I would get really upset and spoil it for everyone.

Norfolk’s first ‘test-tube’ baby becomes mum

Home > Your stories       Posted - June 18, 2019

“When our school friends found out that we were IVF ‘babies’ they thought it was amazing and the school ran a special science lesson to explain what IVF was,” laughs Amy.

Trying for a baby? Twice a week should do it!

Home > News & events > News       Posted - October 31, 2018

This Fertility Awareness Week, fertility expert Dr Papathanasiou urges people not to delay getting specialist advice if they have concerns.

Don’t bottle up your feelings

Home > Your stories       Posted - January 8, 2018

Sophie remembers all too clearly the turmoil of emotions she felt when her Facebook feed seemed to be full of pregnancy announcements.