How do I start IVF?

You may wish to begin your IVF journey by attending one of our free open events. These involve a short presentation about our clinics, our success rates and the treatments available.

To find out the treatment that is most suitable you will need to book a fertility doctor consultation. In your consultation, our doctor will analyse the results from any tests you may have already had, assess your medical background, talk through your treatment options and prepare a personalised treatment plan.

If you have not yet had diagnostic tests, this is not a problem. The consultant can still give you bespoke advice and put in place a provisional plan. We will arrange a safe and convenient time for you to visit one of our clinics to perform any necessary tests in one appointment, and refine the plan accordingly.

Relevant fertility tests may include blood tests to check your hormone levels, a semen analysis to look at sperm health, and an ultrasound scan of your pelvis.