Pregnancy rates

We are incredibly proud of our pregnancy rates. We have a proven and consistent track record of 40 years of helping people to have families of their own.

Everyone we see is uniquely individual and your specific circumstances will affect the way in which you can start your family. That’s why we’d prefer to really get to know you before talking to you about your personal chances of fulfilling your dream of parenthood.

To book an initial consultation to discuss your individual options, just get in touch. Having said this, we thought it would be reassuring to provide our latest clinical pregnancy rates* per embryo transfer for each clinic:

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    To read more about comparing HFEA statistics between clinics you can read articles on our blog for Essex and Cambridgeshire

    *Clinical pregnancy rates are defined as a confirmed foetal heart detected at a day 35 pregnancy scan

    To find out more about our live birth rates and for independent advice visit our Understanding Success Rates page