Our success rate data

We know that understanding success rate statistics can be difficult so, to help you, we have provided the latest individual data sets for each of our clinic locations.

If you have any questions about the information we have provided, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

Clinical Pregnancy Rate (CPR)

A measure of success is a day-35 ultrasound scan that confirms a foetal heart and viable ongoing pregnancy; this is known as the clinical pregnancy rate.

2022 CPR success rates

Live Birth Rate (LBR) per embryo transfer

The table below shows the latest statistics for live birth rates per embryo transfer procedure at our clinics.

2021 LBR per embryo transfer success rates

Live Birth Rate (LBR) per embryo transferred

This rate shows the number of birth events (twin births count as a single live birth event) divided by the total number of embryos transferred.

This is also compared with the most up-to-date national average published by the HFEA.

2021 LBR per embryo transferred success rates

Understanding success rates – Independent guidance and advice

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA), which licenses fertility clinics in the UK, is our independent regulator. They have strict guidelines about how results should be recorded, and it reports on how a clinics’ figures compare with the national averages. We’re proud that our success rates are above the national averages in many areas.

The HFEA publishes live birth rates for all UK clinics and compares them with the national averages. The HFEA have not been able to update the data on their clinic webpages – Choose a Fertility Clinic – for some time with the result that the data published for births per embryo transferred is from 2018 and the pregnancy data is from 2019.

Success rates published on our website includes newer data that is calculated from data that that has not yet been verified by the HFEA meaning that comparison to concurrent national data is not possible.

To view the latest validated live birth rates for Bourn Hall clinics, please use the following links:

It is important to understand that success rates are not the only way on which to base your choice of clinic. We recommend you visit the HFEA choose a clinic page. It gives national, verified information and advice on choosing the right clinic for your treatment.