Jubilations as Lyla Elizabeth celebrates her first birthday on The Coronation Day anniversary!

Lyla Elizabeth’s link with the monarch doesn’t end there – she was born at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital!

The 2nd June marks an extra special day for one Norfolk couple. While the nation marks the anniversary of The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth and her Platinum Jubilee, Ryan and Tasha will be celebrating the first birthday of their daughter Lyla Elizabeth.

Lyla Elizabeth was born on 2 June 2021 – at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kings Lynn. Elizabeth is a family name going back two generations. “My mum and great great grandmother both have Elizabeth as their middle names,” explains Tasha.

Lyla Elizabeth was born after fertility treatment at Bourn Hall. Tasha continues:

“I hadn’t had a period for a year, but we hadn’t known for sure what the problem was,” says Tasha. “My GP referred us to Bourn Hall for testing and after that the whole thing was really quick.

“I was told during my first scan that I had PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome).”

Treatment for PCOS

PCOS is a common cause of infertility that affects how the ovaries work; Tasha wasn’t releasing an egg (ovulating) regularly which is why she had so few periods.

Tasha had ovulation induction treatment at Bourn Hall which involved her being prescribed medication to stimulate the development and ovulation of her ovaries so one mature egg was available for timed natural fertilisation.

At the clinic she had regular ultrasound scans and blood tests to check that all was going to plan and then the couple were given a ‘window of opportunity’ to attempt natural conception.

One of the nurses who treated Tasha was Carol Steel, Lead Specialist Fertility Nurse, who has more than 25 years nursing experience in the field of fertility. “Carol was lovely,” says Tasha.

“We found out I was pregnant in October 2020 – it was amazing.”

Peter Rabbit bunting

Lyla ElizabethLyla is now a “lovely, sassy, chatty girl” says her proud mum. She will be celebrating her first birthday at home surrounded by friends and family.

“The rest of the street have got their Jubilee bunting up; we have got Peter Rabbit!” laughs Tasha.

The icing on the cake for Tasha and Ryan will be at their wedding in September – when Lyla will accompany her mum up the aisle as their flower girl.

“We can’t thank Bourn Hall enough,” says Tasha. “Lyla is our little princess.”

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