Payment on success – Bourn Hall partners with Gaia to offer more options

Bourn Hall has partnered with Gaia to offer the world’s first IVF insurance plan where you pay for treatment on success, reducing the cost for those that are unsuccessful and spreading payments for those that take home a baby.

Gaia offers a new way to pay for IVF. For each round (stimulation, egg collection and embryo transfer) you pay an insurance premium. When a patient is successful – and only once they have given birth – they pay back the fixed cost of the IVF treatment they have received. If they are unable to have a child, they pay nothing beyond their initial premium*.

Gaia insurance plan

Gaia was founded by Nader AlSalim after the birth of his son. Nader and his wife were successful, but only after spending £50,000 on five cycles of IVF at clinics in London and overseas. He felt there should be a way to spread the cost for those that take home a baby and reduce the cost for people who are ultimately unsuccessful.

“Going through IVF is emotionally, physically and financially painful.  At Gaia, we remove the financial unknowns by fixing the cost of your IVF treatment. You pay us a premium per round, and we pay Bourn Hall upfront for your entire treatment cost. That leaves you free to focus on your fertility treatment.”

Gaia uses proprietary data to predict the chances of success over up to six IVF cycles, using an algorithm developed from the HFEA data sets and each member’s medical history. Using this and Bourn Hall’s personalised treatment plan, Gaia costs a fixed price plan together with an insurance premium for each cycle of treatment.

Where the patient is successful, payment for the full cost of treatment is due after the birth of the baby, spread across 12 months at 0% interest.

Range of financing options

The quality of treatment at Bourn Hall is the same high standard regardless of the method of payment.

Richard Walters, Marketing and Sales Director at Bourn Hall, says: “We provide NHS-funded IVF treatment to patients across the East of England, but where this is not available, or patients are not eligible, we aim to offer a range of payment options.

“This includes pay-as-you go directly to the clinic, Access Fertility refund packages which involve payment in advance and a refund of up to 100% if you are unsuccessful, and now the new Gaia insurance programme.

“There is also the opportunity for some patients to donate sperm or share their eggs which also makes treatment more affordable.”

If you would like to find out more about funding treatment contact Bourn Hall Patient Services.

To get your personalised Gaia pricing plan, visit

See some commonly asked questions about Gaia.

*Assuming completion of the full plan. 

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