Bourn Hall supports Fertility Network UK with launch of its new East of England Fertility Support Group

Bourn Hall consultant Dr Sharleen Hapuarachi will be discussing the importance of ‘Keeping Fertility Fit’ as the guest speaker for the first meeting of a new East of England Fertility Support Group. Hosted by Fertility Network UK, it will launch at 7.30pm on 6th September 2023.

Dr Hapuarachi explains that feeling out of control is a big aspect of struggling with fertility, but there are lifestyle factors that you can change that will help you prepare you physically and emotionally for the road ahead.

“There is strong evidence that good nutrition can improve your fertility, so it is really worthwhile getting fertility fit. For example, it is known that your body weight has a major impact on the hormones that control reproduction in both men and women,” she explains.

In some cases, achieving a healthy BMI can help restore the release of mature eggs, known as ovulation. A woman’s eggs are stored in a very premature state. The hormone oestrogen regulates the menstrual cycle and an increase in oestrogen causes an egg to mature and be released. If there is a hormone imbalance it can make ovulation irregular reducing the chances of conception.

For men, the hormone testosterone is used for sperm production. If he becomes obese then more of the testosterone is converted to oestrogen and this reduces his sperm count. Sperm are made every three months and in most cases a man’s sperm quality and quantity can be improved with lifestyle changes, which helps both natural and assisted conception.

Dr Hapuarachi continues: “Gentle exercise, eating a balanced health diet and reducing alcohol and caffeine can all help. It can be difficult to lose weight if you have a condition such as PCOS, so it is best to get personalised advice from a health professional early in your journey.”

Dr Hapuarachi has significant experience of helping patients investigate their fertility with testing and supporting those who struggled with infertility. Before joining Bourn Hall, she spent eight years based in NHS hospitals across the East of England as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Specialist Registrar.

Now at the fertility clinic she has helped to develop specialist services including a new Miscarriage Clinic for those who have experienced early pregnancy loss following natural or assisted conception.

Fertility Network UK’s new East of England Fertility Group will launch on the 6th September at 7.30pm. For Zoom login details please email: [email protected].

Read more about keeping fertility fit on our blog.

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