How do I use Buserelin?

Unsure about self-administering IVF treatment medications? Does the thought of giving yourself injections make you feel anxious?

Every new Bourn Hall patient is invited to attend a ‘drug teach’ support session as part of a nurse discussion appointment at one of our IVF fertility clinics – where you will be shown how to administer the medication. There’ll also be an opportunity for both you and your partner to ask questions.

To give you some extra help at home, we’ve put together a short video that shows you how to use the medication for down-regulation – the first stage of the IVF treatment where drugs are used to suppress the menstrual cycle – Buserelin. It’s sometimes known by its brand name, Suprecur, and is administered by injection. The video below takes you through the injection process step by step.

There are additional, easy-to-follow instructions for using other drugs used in IVF treatment at the Fertility Patient Website.