Can I have my egg and/or embryos frozen, and how much does it cost?

Yes, this is a service we’re able to provide. Egg and/or embryo freezing and storage is available at our full-service clinics in Cambridge, Norwich and Wickford.

Egg freezing can offer you a way to preserve your eggs if you are facing medical treatment that could compromise your future fertility, or you are not ready to become pregnant just now but wish to bank some of your eggs for future use. A cycle of egg freezing involves the same treatment as for conventional IVF, except the eggs are not fertilised or transferred. The eggs that are mature enough for this process are frozen on the same day as your egg collection.

When fresh embryos are transferred during an IVF cycle, any additional embryos created – but not transferred – are often frozen. However, what we mean here is a specific treatment that involves entering an IVF cycle with the express intention of freezing all the resulting embryos. Fertility patients will now be able to store their frozen embryos, sperm and eggs for up to 55 years following a change in the law (1 July 2022). Previously storage was for just ten years.

The cost of fertility preservation treatment varies. More information can be found on our fees and funding page or via our fee calculator.