I have previously had a vasectomy, what options do I have?

If you’ve previously had a vasectomy, it is often possible to reverse the vasectomy to help you conceive a child. Around 90% of obstructions seen at the clinic are a result of a vasectomy or an unsuccessful vasectomy reversal.

Bourn Hall’s andrologists are specialists in male infertility and are leading experts in helping men to have children following vasectomies or a failed vasectomy reversal. You will need to have a consultation with one of our andrologists for evaluation and investigation, so they can understand the best technique and treatment for you that will give you the highest chance of success.

In the case of patients having had a vasectomy, this may include a Surgical Sperm Retrieval which is a minor surgical procedure that’s used to harvest sperm directly from your testicles or associated tubing. When surgically collecting sperm at Bourn Hall, we use various clinical techniques for different circumstances.

To find out more about having children after vasectomy, please contact us to learn more about the steps and processes involved.