How’s my sperm doing?

At our clinics in Cambridge, Colchester, Norwich and Wickford, we can help you to understand how your sperm is doing with semen (sperm) analysis tests.

Semen (sperm) analysis is a series of measurements made on your ejaculate, the results of which are used to make an assessment of your fertility. Along with other clinical information, the results help to determine the likelihood of natural conception or, if necessary, what type of assisted conception treatment is appropriate for you.

The main measurements made in semen analysis tests include the concentration of sperm and how many are motile (moving as they should), progressive, and normal in shape. If one or more of these measurements is below the normal range, fertility may be impaired. As part of our analysis, judgement is made on how many of these values fall below normal range and to what extent.

Semen analysis is a good indicator of your fertility, but it does have its limitations, as it does not test how the sperm will interact with eggs.

Semen samples are produced by masturbation in specially designated private rooms at one of our clinics in Cambridge, Colchester, Norwich, and Wickford, or with one of our at-home test kits. Ideally, the sample should be produced after sexual abstinence of at least two days, but no more than seven.

For more information about our facilities at Bourn Hall, and how we can help you to understand your fertility health, please get in touch.