I am donor-conceived, what information can I request about my donor and any donor-conceived siblings, and how do I apply for information?

If you’re aged 16 or over, you can ask for information from the HFEA about your donor and any donor-conceived siblings you may have.

The type of information held and available will depend on when you were conceived, as the information donors were required to provide the HFEA has changed over the years.

Unfortunately, the HFEA don’t hold any information about people who donated before 1 August 1991 as that’s when the HFEA was set up.

From 1 April 2005, people were no longer able to donate anonymously. This means that when donor-conceived children conceived after 1 April 2005 reach 18, they can ask for their donor’s name, date of birth and last known address.

You’ll need to submit an electronic application, along with proof of your identification. It’s free to apply and you can do so here.