What happens if I test positive or develop symptoms of COVID-19?

If you, your partner or a member or your household test positive, we may need to cancel your treatment or procedure. It is important that you contact the nursing team as soon as possible to discuss this.

If you, your partner or a member or your household start to have symptoms of COVID-19 ahead of a procedure or treatment, we advise that you carry out a Lateral Flow Test (LFT). If negative, no further action is required, but we ask that you wear a mask until symptoms resolve and repeat testing if your symptoms continue.

Should you or your partner present as symptomatic at the clinic, our team will ask you to do a Lateral Flow Test (LFT).

If you develop symptoms after egg collection but before embryo replacement, we will ask you to freeze all of your embryos and have an embryo replacement once you are fully recovered. To protect all our patients and staff, we will not treat anyone with an active COVID-19 infection until they are fully recovered.