Decision to freeze sperm before chemo has made me a dad

Home > Your stories       Posted - August 9, 2023

After a shock cancer diagnosis in his twenties, having children was the last thing on Nick’s mind, but he is so grateful now that he agreed to freeze sperm prior to chemotherapy.

We thought zero sperm would mean zero babies – now we have two!

Home > Your stories       Posted - June 13, 2023

Wayne was still in his twenties when he was told by doctors he had azoospermia – zero sperm count – and thought that would end his hopes of having a baby with partner Melissa. But after undergoing MicroTESE, a delicate sperm extraction procedure performed by Bourn Hall’s specialist team of ‘sperm hunters’, he is now a dad to twins.

Sperm retrieval after vasectomy made Father’s Day

Home > Your stories       Posted - June 14, 2022

Richard had a vasectomy after his first family, but wanted a baby with new wife Jemma. The couple looked at adoption, vasectomy reversal and then sperm retrieval and fertility treatment. 

First Father’s Day for Richard after fertility struggle

Home > Your stories       Posted - June 14, 2021

Richard used to dread the well-intentioned questioning and comments he and his wife Sarah would sometimes get around starting a family. “I used to try and brush any questions off as quickly as possible,” he says.