Wickford or Colchester? Choose your clinic now.

Now’s the time to start your fertility journey at one of our clinics in Essex. 

Bourn Hall offers two clinics in Essex that can give you the very best possible chance of starting a family. Call our team on 01954 717210 to decide whether Wickford or Colchester will be best for you with the treatments you need.

You can choose to have your fertility tests, consultations, and scans at either Colchester or Wickford, whichever is most convenient for you. All your treatments, including egg collection and embryo transfer procedures will take place in our state-of-the-art Wickford clinic.

To get started now, begin with step 1 below and contact us to arrange a consultation.

Alternatively, our open evenings could be the perfect way for you to begin your journey. Register for one of our hour-long events to have the chance to look around the clinic and question our expert team.

Open Evenings

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    Get started now

    • Fill in a contact form on this page, or call our team on 01954 717210, to arrange a Fertility Doctor consultation at either of our Essex clinics
    • We’ll get you booked in and assign a doctor most relevant to your situation
    • If you need any fertility tests or investigations* our team can arrange these for you ahead of your consultation
    • Following your consultation appointment, we will build a fully costed treatment plan designed to give you the highest chance of success

    With no waiting lists and excellent success rates of 73% for treatments on women aged 35 and under, now really is the time to get going.

    * Before a doctor consultation, you will need to have the relevant investigations. You may have already had these with the NHS or at a private clinic. Results are valid for up to a year, so we will not repeat if these tests are recent enough.

    Fantastic success rates

    Across all of our clinics, if you are a woman aged under 35 years, you have a 73% chance of having a baby after a single IVF cycle with Bourn Hall.

    Funding your treatment

    There are several ways to fund your treatment with Bourn Hall, including finance or insurance via our partners, Access Fertility and Gaia.