Vicky Parkin


Fertility Counsellor

I am a specialist infertility counsellor, and I have also had personal experience of fertility issues.

I think counselling can be seen as a scary word – some people I think feel it implies they can’t cope. This couldn’t be further from the truth. I much prefer to think of it as support at a very difficult time.

The diagnosis of infertility can often feel like a life crisis, it may be very difficult to come to terms with and it is completely normal to experience feelings of distress, loss, anxiety, sadness, isolation and frustration – all these feelings can be overwhelming and difficult to deal with.

Infertility can affect all your relationships. Counselling is vital as it gives you a confidential safe space and some support during what may be a very difficult time. Furthermore, infertility counselling can often be a great stress reliever, which, of course, can only help during a treatment cycle. Counselling can be quite practical; we can look at strategies that can be put in place to cope with a treatment cycle, including the infamous two-week wait.

I offer face to face sessions, Skype and telephone sessions.