Dr Valentina M Mauro

DFFP, Associate RCOG, LLM (Med Law and Bioethics)

Donation, Surrogacy & Fertility Preservation Service Lead

Valentina is a Senior Consultant, specialist in Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine and has worked in the field of infertility for over 20 years. She is passionate about treating her patients effectively and safely, offering the best possible options and outcomes, and has been involved in all the aspect of fertility treatment, and in particular the treatment of patients with recurrent implantation failure, endometrial issues, adenomyosis and recurrent miscarriage.

Valentina is a trainer for the British Fertility Society (BFS) in all the modules offered and has successfully completed the training of other doctors who have inherited the same passion and commitment to the field of fertility. As member of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology, Valentina has contributed to guidelines for the safe practice of fertility treatment.

The fast-pacing technological advancement in the field of Reproduction together with the changes in the society, motivated Valentina to pursue a Master Degree in Medical Law and Bioethics, hereby addressing difficult cases and clinical scenarios as well as placing such cases in the context of the wider regulatory framework.

Valentina is a competent, dedicated doctor and many of her patients are still in touch with her because of her skills and competence, but also because of her warm, caring, and considerate nature.

Patient feedback:

“Thank you for your hard work throughout our journey. After 7 cycles and all the tears of pain, now we have tears of joy! As we hold our beautiful baby, we will never forget the huge part that you played in our happiness”.

Valentina held the position of Regional Lead Clinician for Cambridgeshire, however she recently relinquished the role in favour of Leading a new specialist service, in line with her expertise, which encompasses Donation, Surrogacy and Fertility preservation.