Dr Thanos Papathanasiou


Chief Executive and Medical Director

Dr Papathanasiou has built a strong medical team with an ethos on patient-centred care; he has specialist interests in the treatment of women with low ovarian reserve, recurrent miscarriage, and those who respond poorly to IVF stimulation drugs.

Working closely with the NHS in Norfolk, he has pioneered a joined-up approach to fertility treatment whereby fertility specialists work closely with GPs to ensure early resolution with minimal intervention. Tailored advice on lifestyle changes and carefully monitored ovulation induction have boosted pregnancy success rates.

In 2019 he was appointed Medical Director and in October 2022 he was appointed as Chief Executive and Medical Director.

Within IVF, he has a particular interest in managing women with low ovarian reserve (low egg stores) as well as women who respond poorly to stimulation drugs. These women may find it harder to become pregnant even after repeated IVF and, as a result, are likely to require highly personalised medical input based on the latest research.

Within the area of PCOS and other female hormonal conditions, he has worked in the fertility and endocrine clinics of two large London hospitals. Before settling at Bourn Hall, he had a successful career in Greece as a recognised expert in the field and published a book on PCOS. Through his training and beyond, he has developed expertise in the delivery of a wide range of fertility services, from investigating the sub-fertile couple to the planning and execution of individualised fertility treatments. He can also provide valuable insight on how to manage recurrent miscarriage, within or outside the context of IVF.

Dr Papathanasiou comments: “I am honoured to take the helm at Bourn Hall as fertility treatments move into the next phase with an agenda of continuous improvement. I look forward to building upon the foundation of over 40 years of Bourn Hall babies.”