Abbi Potts

Senior Patient Support Coordinator

Formerly a Customer Service Manager in utilities, Abbi Potts embraced a career change to work closer to home and make a real impact. Now, she’s dedicated to helping people fulfil their dream of having children, finding it far more rewarding than dealing with gas and electricity.

In her role, Abbi handles patient consultations, offers guidance on treatments, and provides empathetic support. She understands that each patient’s journey is unique and is committed to assisting them along their fertility journey.

Abbi and her team also support patients during challenging times, offering compassionate guidance after unsuccessful treatments and connecting them with counselling services.

Abbi says, “Each patient that comes through is wanting the same outcome, and you just can’t help but be excited for them. It’s such a different feeling coming home now. When I think back about my day, it’s fulfilling to know that we’re helping people with one of the most important things that matter to them in their lives.”