Highlights of 2019: New clinic celebrates arrival of first baby

Less than a year after our Wickford clinic opened, staff were delighted to hear news that Bear the clinic’s first baby had been born.

Baby Bear’s mum and dad, Leonie and Chris, were the first NHS patients to have their consultation at the clinic.

Leonie had always suspected that she might have problems getting pregnant as she had undergone an operation on one of her ovaries when she was only 15. After struggling to conceive for a number of years the couple sought help and were referred for treatment.

One cycle of IVF and first baby success

The couple’s IVF treatment at Bourn Hall was successful first time around and Leonie had been so delighted to finally have a positive pregnancy result that she drove to Tesco in her pyjamas to buy more tests, as she just couldn’t believe the good news.

Dr Arpita Ray, Lead Clinician for our Essex clinics, said, “Chris and Leonie’s’ heart-warming story demonstrates the life-changing impact of NHS funding.”

Reassurance for the future

The couple also have five embryos from their treatment frozen at Bourn Hall, which means that if they later want siblings for Bear they will be able to have a Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET) cycle without the need to undergo another full cycle of IVF.

Leonie said, “Chris is an only child and we always wanted more than one child so it is really reassuring to know that we have those embryos in the bank for the future.”

Everyone at Bourn Hall wishes Leonie and Chris a magical Christmas together as a family with their first baby, Bear!

Baby bear - our Wickford clinic's first baby
Baby bear's first Christmas

More information

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