Fertility Fest – ‘A life in Glass’

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Dr Kay Elder is to talk at Fertility Fest. In 1984 she joined Bourn Hall, the world’s first IVF clinic, established by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards after their breakthrough with ‘test-tube’ baby Louise Brown.

National Fertility Awareness Week 2017

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Fertility treatment at Bourn Hall has come a long way since its founders success with the first “test-tube baby” conceived 40 years ago, but as National Fertility Awareness Week reveals there is still much to do.

Special Relationship: World’s first test-tube baby meets first USA IVF baby

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World’s first test-tube baby Louise Brown, born nearly 40 years ago in the UK as a result of a medical breakthrough by IVF pioneers Steptoe and Edwards, has flown to Chicago to finally meet Elizabeth Jordan Carr who made history three years later as the USA’s first IVF baby.