Norfolk mum celebrates her miracle IVF baby

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When tests revealed an issue with sperm motility, Stephen and wife Lauren underwent the ICSI process. Lauren fell pregnant with twins and was devastated to suffer a miscarriage – but little Riley survived.

12 years of trying before IVF success

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Michelle faced countless setbacks on her road to pregnancy, including recurrent miscarriage, but still kept fighting. Her determination was rewarded with the birth of Isobel in 2012.

Brave couple thrilled with IVF success

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Sarah and Daniel were devastated to suffer two miscarriages. Remaining positive, the couple opted for IVF and are now the proud parents of Jack.

Endometrial scratch helps improve the chances

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Felicity chose an ‘endometrial scratch’ procedure to help increase her chances of pregnancy. She and husband Benjamin are now parents to Zachary.

Pregnant at 40 after repeated loss

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Elsa became pregnant at 40, twenty years after she lost her first baby. After recurrent miscarriage it was her last attempt at IVF that resulted in baby Howie.