Wickford at Christmas

Wickford at Christmas is bringing seasonal cheer to the town, a team of volunteers are organising a Christmas Fair and there are events on the main stage on Sunday November 26th, starting at 12.00.

It should be a lively day with stalls filling the centre and groups such as the the Rock Choir and Men2Sing performing on the stage.

With the success of our small satellite clinic and work progressing well on our new full service fertility clinic on London Road we feel part of the community at Wickford and so are delighted to lend our support to this event.

Fertility Nurse Specialist Angela Leach will be going to meet Father Christmas at Glicks Opticians at 12.00 so if you are in town do go and say hello.

Angela worked in London for many years, developed her skills and experience as a Fertility Specialist Nurse at a number of London hospitals, both private and NHS, but after the birth of her twins she found the commute tiring.

She says: “When I heard about Bourn Hall’s expansion to a clinic which is local to me in Wickford, I jumped at the opportunity of joining the team and the job sounded so interesting. Plus working nearer to home and my children was a bonus.

“It’s wonderful to be able to care for couples seeking fertility treatment and help make their experience easier.”

Angela explains: “My role includes discussing and guiding patients through their treatments, for example teaching them how to do their injections and about their prescriptions.  Many people are concerned about self-administration of fertility drugs and we take time to help them feel more confident about this.

Angela works alongside Grace Phiri and the two are excited about the new clinic which will offer a full range of treatments.

Grace says: “We may not always be able to help all couples achieve their much longed for pregnancy, or at least not on the first attempt, but we can help patients anticipate their journey so that they have a balanced idea of what to expect, reassure them of any concerns they may have, and to feel, whatever the outcome, that they had the best treatment possible.”

We are anticipating that some of our patients will be in town on Sunday – if you are do look out for Angela.

Angela to attend Wickford at Christmas
Angela, right, with Grace Phiri and baby Gracie


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