Surrogacy 101

Are you considering a journey to expand your family through surrogacy? Our Surrogacy 101 webinar will explore the process and the possibilities it holds for you.

At this event, you as in intended parent will have the opportunity to:

Discover surrogacy: Learn about the surrogacy journey and the options available at Bourn Hall.

Understanding the process: Gain insights into the surrogacy process, from finding a surrogate to the legal and emotional aspects.

Educate yourself: Understand the legal and medical intricacies of surrogacy, as well as the support we provide.

Explore costs and funding: Get an overview of the costs associated with surrogacy and explore funding possibilities.

Ask questions: Engage with our experienced team, including our lead surrogacy doctor and nurse who are here to answer all your queries.

This hour-long event will be hosted over Zoom on Wednesday 10 January 2024 and is designed to empower you with knowledge and guidance on your journey toward parenthood through surrogacy.

To join, please fill out the registration form linked below.

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We look forward to welcoming you into the Bourn Hall family.

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