Day 4: Take a deep breath to carry on

Coping with ChristmasLearning to breathe deeply can help you to keep calm and to cope with stress caused by infertility, particularly if you ever experience feelings of panic,

During a fearful moment or panic attack, people tend to take frequent shallow breaths. This style of breathing may cause you to experience tingling in your hands and feet and to feel light-headed.

Practicing breathing deeply when you are coping well will enable you to use this as a resource if you are feeling anxious.

Try this once a day for five minutes:

Sit down, or lie down on your back. Make sure you are comfortable, loosening any tight clothing.

  • Become aware of your breathing, its rhythm, depth or shallowness, and its speed.
  • Put one hand on your upper chest and one just below your ribs on your abdomen.
  • Slowly let out your breath.
  • Gently breathe in, so that you feel your abdomen rise slowly under your hand.
  • Breathe out again, feeling your abdomen fall, and make sure you exhale a little longer than you inhaled.
  • Pause for a few moments and then repeat the process again.

If you find that only the hand on your abdomen moves, then you are breathing correctly; the abdomen is moving as your diaphragm rises and falls rhythmically. There should be little or no movement in your upper chest; your hand should stay still.

With acknowledgement and thanks to Fertility Network

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