Calm, care and safety at Bourn Hall

What to expect at Bourn Hall as full fertility service resumes

Genuine smiles that reach the eyes have become even more important as fertility nurses get their facemasks on to welcome patients.

“Facemasks and PPE are the most obvious signs of the ‘new normal’ along with social distancing and a new policy where partners have to wait in the car for some procedures,” says Laura Carter-Penman, Regional Lead Nurse at Bourn Hall. “Staff and patients are responding well and taking the additional safety checks and changes to procedures in good spirit.”

“There are also some benefits to patients. We have taken the opportunity to rethink the patient journey to reduce the number of appointments. We now use email, phone calls and virtual consultations to enable patients to get support without visiting the clinic. For example, the consents that are needed at each stage of treatment are also now online, which speeds things up.”

If you would like to discuss IVF treatment with a consultant this is now possible as a virtual consultation.

Laura continues: “Patients are eager to start treatment after the lockdown and have been happy to gain information this way. We have found using drug teach videos to explain how to take the medication very effective; people concerned about administering their injections can watch these at their own pace and repeat them if they need to.

“The first patients to use the new virtual consultation service have started treatment and the first egg collections for these patients will be in September.”

Calm, welcoming and secure

Dr Thanos Papathanasiou, Bourn Hall’s Medical Director, says that patients find it reassuring that the clinics are dedicated fertility centres and not located in large hospital settings.

“As we specialise in fertility treatment, the people we see are generally in good health,” he says. “There are also fewer people on site and no visitors – all of this enables effective management.”

Bourn Hall has three full service clinics in the East of England at Cambridge, Norwich and Wickford, all of which have re-opened and offer fertility testing and treatment.

Each clinic has ample parking space for visitors and a one-way system has been introduced through the buildings with hand hygiene stations throughout.

Patients will be sent a COVID-19 swab test before attending the clinic. This will be posted to you in advance and will have full instructions of how and when to complete the test and post through the Royal Mail in the box and packaging provided. We will notify you of your result ahead of your appointment. More information is available in our frequently asked questions.

Full range of fertility treatments now available

The clinics are now able to offer fertility-testing services for both NHS and self-funded patients and this will further minimise the need for fertility patients to visit hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Dr Papathanasiou continues: “Although initial priority had been given to patients whose treatment was cancelled or suspended due to the coronavirus, the clinics are now offering the full range of fertility treatments, for example egg sharing and egg banking has restarted and specialist treatments such as surgical sperm retrieval are also available.”

If you would like to start your fertility journey with Bourn Hall then do leave a message on the enquiry form below and we will be in touch to arrange a consultation.

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